About Us

About Siddharth Public School

The year gone by has been the time for paradigm shifts and accomplishment of covered goals, with renewed vigor and perseverance in abundance, by all of us at Siddhartha Public School. We unveiled and implemented a series of new plans and projects which saw creditable success. Zestfully, we continue to embark ahead with them, as we seek more challenges to vanquish in the session ahead.

A lot of effort has been taken to create a vibrant ambience for the eager learners. We are of the firm belief that education is not larger just about going to school and using the ‘chalk and talk’ method by the faculty members. It is about being places outside the classrooms, to build upon what is learnt inside the premises of the school. Participation at several Inter-School, Regional, State Level and even National Level competitions and activities, truly integrated our Highlanders into the rapidly evolving wider world scenario.

While, well- equipped resource rooms, upgraded technological devises and world class infrastructure is our forte, in actual terms, it is the ignited minds of the ‘education community’ that form our priceless asset. A stimulating curriculum keeps students challengingly and gainfully engaged and rejuvenates our teaching faculty. Programmers which involve parent-facilitation as resource persons and sustained linkages with community and its organizations have been the fulcrum of our determined agenda.

Our Motto

"Shaping the future is our motto"

To fulfill the motto, we provide an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potentiial by which he/her become self reliant and confident. One of the important gole of a school should be to help student acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to function effectively and to interact, negotiate and communicate with people from diverse group. So School therefore first of all prepares themselves and their students is disciplined way. Here we encourage to obtain above motto which help overall development of the child.