From The Manager's Desk

From The Manager's Desk

For me, looking back always means how far I have come, how long I have travelled. Memories, in different shades, fill me with an effortless and unhindered smile, painting a beautiful picture that speak thousand words of my journey with the Siddhartha Public School.

I have always believed that school is an unrestricted territory, a boundless geography of fresh minds who can spread and expand into greatness. Dressed up with this dream, SPS has always hungered to cultivate these fresh minds into great ones, distinct thought their brilliant contribution to mankind.

We began as a small unit , a single family in the year 2010. Today SPS is a cluster of families under one roof… Pre-school to Class XII – Initials, Primary and Senior. With more than 1000 students, 70 teachers.

A bask of memories isolates these grown up students, on the backdrop of those days when they first arrived at SPS, exuding a sense of wonderment! Tiny they seemed, but the task that lay ahead for us was Herculean. Thanks to the teachers and mentors who held them and took them on a tour of true learning, not compromising with the temperature that would keep them warm and loved. We looked after them well and in our way looked out for answer to their baffling questions and curiosity- sometimes, learning things though the wealth of their innocence and energy.

Seven years have passes since then and the tradition is in full swing. The episodes of welcoming them to the Initials and the events of bidding adieu (when they have cleared their Grade XII ) are far more historic than their grades. Some shades of these moments are condensed and compressed in the digits of the academic year 2017-2018.

Wish you all a beautiful year!

Ms. Sheela Singh (Manager)